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      cassia new DL-2206 DL-3010 portable LED industrial radiographic viewer

      2016/3/17 14:56:21 < < Return

      The DL-2206;DL-3010 portable LED industrial radiographic viewer, with the new light-emitting panel and high light-efficiency cool white light LED light source, made by two ground-breaking domestic exclusively technologies--panel light emitting technique which is the latest technological breakthrough of film viewer making and the eight-arrays constant current diming technique, can make the minute defects on the X-ray film be observed clearly with the brightness of it being turned to the soft state, thus effectively protects the assessor’s eyes and fulfills the requirements of special brightness and normal film assessment. The eight-array constant current dimming technique, with super strong brightness control function, can effectively manage the brightness and uniformity of the film viewer. The pipe heat dissipating integration device can strictly control the surface temperature and work for 24 hours continually with the maximum brightness under normal atmospheric temperature, the surface temperature rise<18 ℃. DL-2206;DL-3010 portable LED industrial radiographic film viewer is the necessary equipment of ray film assessment, which is applicable to the industrial nondestructive testing of the X and R-ray films for quality assessment.

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