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          about us
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          China Wenzhou cassia Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1997 and also known as a high-tech enterprise that focuses on the security technology and integrates the research, development, manufacturing, sales and system into a whole.

          Since the foundation, our company has made great efforts to carry out the technological research and accumulation and thus owned the leading core technology and independent research ability in the industry. Our company has specialized in the development and research of the leading NDT monitoring technology in the world. The product range has contained NDT monitoring products and solutions such as the LED super-intensive film viewer, digital video recorder, digital high-definition camera, network storage, comprehensive video platform and central management software. Up to now, our products have been widely in more than 100 countries and regions as well as a wide range of fields such as the chemical industry, oil pipe line, public transport, traffic, laboratory and universities. In the international market, our company has been among the first batch of manufacturers promoting the in the American and European market. So far, our products have been sold in countries such as America, India, Sweden, Brazil and Holland.

          cassia has adhered to the concept of viewing the success of our client as our own success and paying close attention to the product detail. Based on the technological advantage, our company has also introduced the professional partners so as to complete the network of after-sales service as well as the supply and sales channel. In order to become the leading supplier of NDT monitoring product and solution in the world, our company will aspire to provide the high-quality and high-efficiency solution of application service for the client.