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      about us
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      Company slogan


      The success of the client is our own success.


      Core value


      Honesty professional team innovation


      The interpretation of our core value


      1. Honest: We have clung to the concept of being honest with our client.


      2. Professional: The success arises from being professional, which is based on the study.


      3.Team: In a great team, even the most common member will create his own success.


      4.Innovation: We believe that we will go as far as the thought covers.



      The origin of the Kaseya

          In Peru, there is a sort of bird looking like the crow with a much more beautiful voice. It is called Kaseya.


          Kaseya really enjoys eating the leaf of sweet willow in a very special way. The bird will firstly snap the branch and bring it onto the ground. Then, it will dig a small hole in the ground with its mouth and stick the branch into the hole so as to eat the leaf. During the course of eating the leaf, many Kaseya birds will line up. After a few days, the branch stuck in the soil will take root with the watering from the rain. Before long, new leaves begin to grow on the branch. Over one or two months, the branch will grow into a half-man-height tree. Those trees will also link up orderly, offering a new forest for the human. Because of this, the Kaseya has won the favor of many people who also like to call it the planting bird.


          The reason why we name ourselves the Kaseya is that we believe everything is beautiful for being adorable but not the other way around. We should be as persistent as Kaseya and enrich our life. 

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